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3. No offer

The information and opinions published on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website do not constitute advertising, recommendations or encouragement, offers or invitations to (i) Purchase or sell investment vehicles; (ii) Conduct such transactions; or (iii) Conclude other legal business. They are exclusively for informational purposes. We cannot exclude the possibility that the described investment vehicles or services are unsuitable for you or are unavailable.


4. No advice

The information and opinions published on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website do not serve as investment advice, nor do they constitute advice on legal, fiscal, business or other matters in any way. They are unsuitable as the basis for decision-making. Please seek advice from specialized experts before deciding on any specific course of action. The presentation of content over the Internet and the consultation thereof do not establish any legal relationship whatsoever between the provider and the user.


5. No guarantees

Solitaire Aquila Ltd. takes utmost care in preparing the content of this website. The content on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website is constantly updated and checked for correctness. Nevertheless, Solitaire Aquila Ltd. and its contractual partners offer no guarantees (whether explicit or tacit) and make no promises about whether the content published on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website is correct, accurate, up-to-date or complete. In particular, Solitaire Aquila Ltd. is in no way obliged to update outdated information or opinions, remove these from the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website or flag them accordingly. The information and opinions available on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website are subject to change at any time without prior notification.

Furthermore, Solitaire Aquila Ltd. accepts no responsibility and offers no guarantees that the functions on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website will not be interrupted or error-free, that faults will be repaired or that the servers from which the content can be obtained are free of viruses, Trojans, worms, software bombs or other harmful components or programs.

In general, the past performance of an investment vehicle cannot in principle be used to draw any conclusions about the performance thereof in the future. Investments in foreign currencies are also subject to exchange-rate fluctuations. Dividends paid out in relation to individual investment vehicles may also change. Solitaire Aquila Ltd. makes no guarantees (i) That capital invested in investment vehicles will appreciate in value or remain unchanged; or (ii) About the size of future dividends.

All the data provided through this website, including financial market data, exchange-rate information, reports, research and other financial information, comes from sources that are carefully chosen and considered reliable. All available information is provided to users without guarantees about its accuracy and without explicit or tacit guarantees or warranties with regard to quality, originality, copyright-infringement or its suitability for a specific purpose.


6. No liability

Solitaire Aquila Ltd. accepts no liability and makes no guarantees that the information made available on its website is up-to-date, correct or complete. Solitaire Aquila Ltd. shall not be liable for either direct or indirect damage, including loss of earnings, incurred on the basis of information provided on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website or directly or indirectly related to use of the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website and the content therein or the risks of the financial markets. Liability shall be restricted to negligence or foreseeable damage and excluded with regard to consequential damage and loss of earnings.


7. No orders

The input fields on the Solitaire Aquila Ltd. website are not available for submitting orders (e.g. for purchasing or selling investment vehicles) to Solitaire Aquila Ltd.. Such orders will not be fulfilled by Solitaire Aquila Ltd. – even without appropriate confirmation to the issuer – and will not establish any valid agreement with Solitaire Aquila Ltd.


8. Property rights, copyright and trademarks

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9. Links to other websites

By clicking on a link on the Solitaire Aquila AG website, you may be redirected from this site to the websites of other suppliers (external links) and their content. Solitaire Aquila AG places links to external websites alongside its own content on the Solitaire Aquila AG website only out of user-friendliness and for information purposes. Solitaire Aquila AG has no control over the content of external websites and can thus accept no responsibility for their correctness, accuracy, completeness, truth, topicality or suitability for specific purposes. Solitaire Aquila AG accepts no liability for any direct or indirect damage or adverse consequences arising from the use of content from external websites. Solitaire Aquila AG has no influence whatsoever on the content of linked websites and, despite a careful selection process, accepts no liability for the content of external links, particularly for those that have been amended since the links were placed on our site.

In addition, Solitaire Aquila AG can offer no guarantee that the use of such websites or their content will not result in copyright or trademark disputes or other infringements of the rights of third parties. Furthermore, Solitaire Aquila AG cannot guarantee that such websites and their content are free of viruses or other malware. No guarantee can be given for the authenticity of the documents on the internet.


10. Amendments to conditions of use

Solitaire Aquila AG reserves the right to amend these conditions of use from time to time. We therefore request that you read our conditions of use every time you access the Solitaire Aquila AG website to ensure that you agree to the terms of the latest version. If you do not understand or accept one or more items in the current conditions of use, we request that you leave the Solitaire Aquila AG website immediately.


11. Validity of the legal disclaimer

The above-mentioned legal disclaimers are to be regarded as part of the Internet offer from which you were directed to this site. If parts or individual formulations of this text do not, no longer, or do not entirely conform with the current legal situation, the remaining parts of the document remain unaffected in terms of their content and validity.

12. Applicable law/place of jurisdiction

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